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My name is Jayne Burke and I started exploring Holistic Therapies after a personal life crisis at the end of 1994. During my own therapy treatment I began to recognise the interconnectiveness of my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. I realised that being out of balance in one aspect had a knock on effect on the others. In my case my own thinking pattern actually manifested itself as a very physical symptom. I was off work for several weeks and it took me many more to recover fully.

During this time I recognised the importance of "Holistic" treatments whereby the whole of the person is treated instead of just addressing the symptom and, in 1997 I gave up a well paid job in Bristol where I was working for Post Office Counters Ltd and began to train officially as a Holistic Therapist.

I chose my teachers carefully, both to ensure that my training was of the highest standard and, for my own personal development. I am still fascinated by this subject and I am constantly updating, developing and broadening my expertise in this field.

As I work intuitively I tailor each therapy session to meet the needs of the individual client at that time. Because of this each session has the potential to be completely different. Some sessions are performed in almost complete silence and in others the client needs to talk for the whole session. I tend to do a lot of work in the energy field of the client, working on other than a purely physical level.

Many of my clients have commented on a real improvement in their quality of life; improved physical mobility, reduced mental fatigue, more emotionally stable and much more enthusiastic about life in general.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need therapy?
The current state of your physical health or physical dis-ease is reflected by the amount of positive energy (life force/ pranna/ chi) stored within your energy field (aura). Pain is our body's way of indicating that something is wrong and that we are out of balance. The site of the pain often gives clues as to the root cause of the imbalance. Therapy helps to rebalance your body. When the body is in balance it is able to deal with it's own maintenance; it's own growth and repair and therefore heal itself. Therapy is Relaxing, Rebalancing and Revitilising.

When do I need therapy?
If you are feeling rundown, lacking in energy or enthusiasm, feeling constantly unwell (e.g. headaches or colds). If you're anxious or irritable, suffering from stress, strains, aches or pains, if your doctor has diagnosed you with a condition or if you simply want to treat yourself. And remember, you don't have to feel bad in order to feel better.

How to plan your own personal therapy program:
The number of sessions needed and the interval between each session will depend on the individual client.


Reduce Stress using a holistic approach to improve both health and happiness and reduce pain!


Practices in Toddington and Cheltenham and covering all surrounding areas.

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