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Case Studies

Ian was 37 when he first came to see me for a Holistic Massage Therapy Session after a couple of years of complaining of a bad back and saying “I must book an appointment with you”.

Holistic Massage immediately began to relax the tight and overworked muscles and thus release the pain. At his second appointment he said “That was the best week in 18 months!” He began to take more care of his body during his working day (wheel the lawn mowers up a ramp onto the trailer instead of lifting them up over the side) and he also increased his intake of water. Ian gradually experienced less and less pain between sessions and no longer has a need for Holistic Massage therapy sessions.
“I wouldn’t be doing my job today if it wasn’t for my Holistic Massage sessions with you!”

Stephen was 47 when he first came to see me for a Holistic Massage Therapy Session. Stephen had left a job where he used to stand on concrete all day to become a taxi driver doing local trips and also airport runs. He had suffered from various aches and pains, which he’d thought were there for life. Sitting in the car all day exaggerated his back problem and he realised he needed help.

Regular Holistic Massage sessions eased the pain and Stephen gradually began to realise the importance of taking regular breaks. He began to schedule his jobs to arrive at his destination early enough to get out and walk around for a while before beginning the drive back home. He also learnt to alter his seat position slightly at regular intervals therefore reducing repetitive strain on certain muscles as they were then used in a slightly different way. Sessions were spread out as the pain decreased and Stephen no longer has a need for Holistic Massage Therapy Sessions.
“I feel so good. I never thought this would happen. I thought I’d be stuck with these aches and pains for life.”
“The Holistic Massage I undertook for my aches and pains worked wonders over a length of time. I was totally surprised what it did for my body. It loosens all the tension. It works wonders.”

Client R was 43 when she first came to see me for a Holistic Massage Therapy Session. The constant lifting, carrying and cuddling associated with a small child coupled with a demanding job and having an extension built for a new kitchen had all taken their toll on her body.

Unable to get a Chiropractic appointment she arrived at her first session with me in tears and bent over with a bad back. My hands gently asked her muscles to relax and she left her first session with me walking upright, and with a smile on her face!

After having a few Holistic Massage sessions with me she realised that not all massage practitioners are the same and she cancelled her mobile therapist who had been massaging her and her husband on a monthly basis for approximately a year!

She had regular sessions with me and was able to significantly reduce her pain and stress levels. She has since moved abroad due to her husband’s job relocation.

Client X from Winchcombe came to see me for a Holistic Massage Therapy Session when she was suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

“I didn’t come back because the pain vanished after my first session and has never returned.”

Client S was 36 when she first came to see me for an Indian Head Massage (Champissage) and then a Holistic Massage Therapy Session.

A year later she came back to see me for a course of three Holistic Massage Therapy Sessions. At this point she had two young children, a part time job, a puppy and no time for herself. She was holding tension in her shoulders.

After her first session she began to claim back time for herself. The children were encouraged to do more for themselves and, in order to make time with her husband, she began to prioritise her housework and decided to stop doing any housework after 7pm at night. She also began to recognise when she tightened up in her shoulders and started doing relaxation exercises in order to release the tension and stop it accumulating.

“Holistic Massage enabled me to stop and take time out from a busy hectic lifestyle. I was able to clear my mind, reassess my life and feel positive about the future.”

Client 7 was 27 when she first came to see me for a Reflexology Therapy Session. She was suffering from eczema and asthma. She was under a lot of stress at work and the eczema was now manifesting on her hands and face. Reflexology relaxed her. The work on the adrenal glands allowed her breathing to deepen and her breathing felt easier. The intensity and frequency of her eczema flare-ups reduced. She also investigated her diet and eliminated any eczema related foods.

“I would highly recommend visiting Jayne, she is a wonderful person and so easy to talk to. Jayne has helped me with so much more than just improving my eczema for which I am very grateful”

Client J was 7 when she first came to see me for a Reflexology session. She had been experiencing severe tummy pains followed by bouts of diarrhoea for several months for which her mum could see no reason or cure for.

6 months after her 10 Reflexology sessions (6 twice weekly, then spread out) her mum said, “My daughter has not experienced any symptoms since and would not hesitate to use reflexology again.”

Julia was 36 when she first came to see me for a Block Clearance Therapy Session. She already had a beautiful girl from a previous relationship. She was now in a stable relationship and she and her husband were ready to increase their family and planned to move house in the next year or so.  She had been trying to conceive for many months. 

In her session we were shown that as a child Julia “lost” various things (favourite teddy, dog etc.) that she loved every time she moved house due to her fathers job relocations. Once she realised how she had patterned this thought of “new house = loss” she realised that she was stopping herself from getting pregnant as she was afraid that she would have to “lose” her baby when she moved house.

We were able to override this patterning and Julia was delighted when she became pregnant a few months after her session.  3 years on Julia has another beautiful baby (3 children now) and a new house!

Client S had a few dogs and competed in Dog Obedience Competitions. One of her dogs had problems. She was taking it swimming twice a week, caging it and only allowing it on-lead exercise. I used Crystal Healing on the dog and on the owner.

A few weeks later I heard from a friend that she is no longer so restrictive with her dog. She is allowing it more freedom and also allowing it to run free for short periods. I feel that by having the Crystal Healing session she has improved the quality of her dog’s life.

P.N. I support clients who choose to make positive changes in their life and those who are not ready to, or choose not to. I work with clients who use medical drugs and medical intervention and those who choose not to. (P.N. Clients should always consult their GP if they have any medical condition or if they wish to go on, come off, increase or reduce their medication so that they can discuss it fully with their GP or specialist).



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