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Holistic Massage MTI

We habitually tense certain muscles usually as a protective instinct. Over time this can lead to serious problems (e.g. head, neck, shoulder, back aches, IBS etc.). I encourage your muscles to let go of any excess tension they are holding and therefore relieve the pain.

“I wouldn’t be doing my job today if it wasn’t for my sessions with you.” Ian

“I was amazed that the pain had gone as I didn’t think you were doing very much.” Steven

Indian Head Massage (Indian Champissage) LCIC

Your head, neck, shoulders, upper back, scalp and face are gently and rhythmically massaged to release muscle tension and mental fatigue, leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

“Haven’t relaxed so much in years” Adrian

“A fantastic 10 minute mental and physical journey. Relaxing yet stimulating” Alan

“A beautiful tingling sensation, warming and comforting. Such a lovely feeling. I felt totally relaxed” Pauline

Reflexology ITEC, MAR

Every organ and every area of your body is reflected on to your feet (and hands). You may feel minor discomfort as I work over any areas which have energy blockages. Reflexology is a very relaxing and peaceful therapy.

“My 7 year old daughter had been experiencing severe tummy pains followed by bouts of diarrhoea for several months for which I could see no reason or cure for…. My daughter has not experienced any symptoms since and would not hesitate to use reflexology again” Jenny

Block Clearance Therapy ~ BCT

Block Clearance Therapy is a system of self-responsibility and soul choice that explores an individual's soul journey.

It is a unique system that uses visualisation techniques to allow you to see for yourself when and why you adopted certain thought patterns, patterns of behaviour and/or patterns of illness. BCT allows you to let go of any negative patterns that no longer serve you and walk forward into positivity.

Aromatherapy BSYA (Arom.)

Each oil has certain properties and has a certain vibrational quality.

A gentle massage is used to allow the oils to enter the body through the skin. I also make up massage oils, soaps, shower gels, bath foams, bath oils, shampoos, conditioners and creams.

Crystal Healing ~ CHSVA

Each crystal has certain properties and has a certain vibrational quality.

Allow the crystals' energy field (aura) to interact with yours to assist you in removing any energy blockages and therefore rebalance your overall energy pattern. Also available: House Healing (clearing) and Dowsing for Answers (e.g. questions on life changes, allergies etc.).

Also trained in ...

Sports Injuries, Deep Tissue Massage, Massage in Pregnancy, Massage and Cancer, Healing, Laughter & Happiness Therapy etc.


Reduce Stress using a holistic approach to improve both health and happiness and reduce pain!


Practices in Toddington and Cheltenham and covering all surrounding areas.

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