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Therapy Within The Workplace

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) states “The cost of stress to your organisation may show up as high staff turnover, an increase in sickness absence, reduced work performance, poor timekeeping and more customer complaints.”

Boosting the health and well-being of your employees can make a huge improvement to their morale and motivation and can significantly enhance their job performance and reduce absenteeism. This can have a direct impact on the quality of service you provide to your customers.

As over 70% of absenteeism is stress related Shhh!s’ aim to reduce stress and therefore stress related absenteeism will be of paramount importance to all businesses. Whilst we cannot guarantee 10 days’ attendance for every 10-minute therapy session, we all know that a little preventative care will go a long way towards improving your staff’s long-term health and work ethics.

Our bodies have a limited way of communicating its dis-ease with us. Pain and stress are our body’s way of shouting that something within our current life style is out of balance. Shhh! helps people to quieten that voice by allowing them the opportunity to gently address those issues.

Shhh!s’ focus is on quietening both the mind and the body to reduce Stress using a holistic approach to improve both health and happiness and reduce pain! We aim to boost peoples health and happiness by reducing physical pain and mental/ emotional stress. They will feel better in themselves and much more relaxed and this will help to increase motivation and job performance and reduce the cost of absenteeism.

“A weekly massage helps people work better and concentrate better. You become more alert and single-minded, yet relaxed” Narenda Mehta, Daily Mail.

“Absolutely wonderful. I feel a new woman!!!” Kay, Post Office Counters Ltd.

“I felt the tension go from my neck, and my head felt much clearer.” Christine, C&G College of Higher Education, Student Union Manager.

There is a choice of both individual and group sessions offered on or offsite. They can be arranged to fit around your working day and help you to get the best out of your staff, even during the busiest and most stressful periods.

With individual sessions from only 10 minutes Shhh!s’ chair massage fits perfectly into the modern workplace. The client simply sits on a chair and remains fully dressed as their upper back, head, neck, shoulders and face muscles are gently and rhythmically massaged, releasing pain, tension and stress, leaving people relaxed, rebalanced and revitalised. It is often described as a magical quick fix and pick you up. “A fantastic 10 minute mental and physical journey. Relaxing yet stimulating.” Alan, Student Union Manager at the Student Union Conference at the Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education.

With group sessions from only 15 minutes Shhh!s’ de-stress, relaxation sessions are an ideal way to offer similar benefits to a greater number of staff. Staff will also learn various self-help techniques, which they can then use at other times.

Gift of Health Vouchers allow you to subsidise Holistic Therapy sessions at 199 Bath Road in Cheltenham or Walnut Cottage in Toddington.

We are happy to come in and discuss all the options with you and we will put together a tailor-made package specifically to meet the needs of your organisation.

Quotes from Therapy Within The Workplace Clients

“A feeling of total relaxation (which was lovely). I felt extremely mellow”
Louise, Dental Surgery

“A beautiful tingling sensation, warming and comforting. Such a lovely feeling. I felt totally relaxed”
Pauline, Dental Surgery

“Excellent – very relaxing”
Kathryne, Student Union Conference

“Haven’t relaxed so much in years”
Adrian, Student Union Conference

“A fantastic 10 minute mental and physical journey. Relaxing yet stimulating”
Alan, Student Union Conference

“Fantastic – restful but also energising”
Ann, Student Union Conference

“I felt the tension go from my neck, and my head felt much clearer”
Christine, Student Union Conference

“Usually my head feels like a lead weight – now it feels very light”
Chris, Post Office Counters Ltd

“Absolutely wonderful. I feel a new woman!!!”

“I like the bit where hands hover over my head as it feels like a force comes down to relax”
Tracy, POCL

“Relaxing, cleared sinuses and stiffness”
Sarah, Boots

“I forgot I was at work! Very soothing and my back and neck are less tense.”
Nelson Thornes workplace

“Fabulous again – didn’t want it to stop. Would recommend to everyone!”
Nelson Thornes workplace

“The massage was fantastic – very relaxing and felt very good. Definite benefit during a long day that required lots of concentration.”
Nelson Thornes conference

“Loved it!! “Tightness”/ Stress up the back of my head and neck subsided. Every conference please.”
Nelson Thornes conference

“One of the most popular things we’ve ever done!”
Nelson Thornes conference


Reduce Stress using a holistic approach to improve both health and happiness and reduce pain!


Practices in Toddington and Cheltenham and covering all surrounding areas.

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